Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pass That

[Chorus x4:]
Roll it, hold it, smoke it;
Pass that

[Verse 1:]
They say smokin' causes mental destruction/
Yet 'rybody does it so why people frontin'?/
Exhalin' unnecessary bullshit from yuh mind/
For once in yuh life, you feelin', better than fine/
Takin' all yuh problems, rollin' 'em in a blunt/
Yuh desire's in yuh hand & look up to the sun/
The, damage it does, we already know/
We, go, slow, eventually become pros/
The, green we holdin' be lookin' so golden/
We love it cus it, shatters them moments/
With this, wonderful token; we goin' sky high/
Oh my, our mind has started to go bye-bye/
Take out our pain on the, budd we crush/
Can't see our lungs so we don't give a fuck/
So don't be, lyin' bout not smokin' the leaves/
That thing we call weed, it seems to be a tease/

[Chorus x4:]
Roll it, hold it, smoke it;
Pass that

[Verse 2:]
We be, smokin' in the strangest places/
More than 1 at a time wit the strangest faces/
You know we interchangin' goods in the hood/
Exchangin' money for kush as we should/
So then we be, rollin' them blunts up/
Smokin' too much then passin' the dutch/
& then begin to do it on a daily basis/
Release the insane pain & all the hatrid/
All the fake shit, included with all the lies/
Don't regret we wanted to forget times we tried/
To be a better person, damn I'm hurtin'/
Thank god for weed, think it's all we need/
Ain't one human who don't got an addiction/
Well this is ours, I just led us to conviction/
I'm sayin' "we", I mean the peeps from N.Y./
To all the smokers that are loners inside/

[Chorus x4]
Roll it, hold it, smoke it;
Pass that

[Verse 3:]
Pass that, & don't give it two thoughts/
Probably the most famous thing that's sought/
As long as we proceed to seek & retrieve/
Don't you wonder who planted the first seed?/
Look what it lead to, I prolly woulda done it too/
Without thinkin' it thru, it reveals yourself to you/
It was made for us, thus, marijuana grows/
So we just continue to puff, puff, pass the dro/
Our ablazed drained brain right after the haze/
Crossin' our fingers a little hopin' the vibe stays/
We hypnotized as soon as we see the lighter/
As the flame creates, our life gets brighter/
Damn man, & I'm just bein' blunt cus/
The feelin' be zoomin' thru from our feet up/
Bring up the L to yuh lips & tongue/
Just close your eyes & your mind for once.../

Friday, April 9, 2010

Feelin' It

I'm feelin' it, fill the glass to the top with Moet
Feelin' it, feel the Lex pushin' up on the set
I'm feelin' it, thru the high that you get from the lie
Feelin' it, if you feel it raise your L in the sky

[Verse 1:]
I ain't feelin' this, I ain't feelin' shit/
Burn the hurt just so I don't reminisce/
15, & I'm done playing these games/
Drank & smoked just so I wouldn't feel the same/
Your time flies witout me, ain't that swell?/
My clock stopped cus I'm locked ina fuckin' cell/
Rather go to hell, & be peaceful/
Deceitful people, man I gotta sequel/
Trynna graduate, so I can go to college/
So I won't be another rapper with common knowledge/
My mood ain't "mad", but I am more than upset/
Look at where I am, damn, what you expect?/
Thing is, that I am feelin' this beat/
Need to breathe, freeze my tears wit sleet/
Keep listenin', while this poet persists to show it/
Feelin' this cus you can't resist to know it/


[Verse 2:]
Take it back to the time of '94/
Still askin' the lord why the fuck I was born/
Why you try to insist that I live?/
Consult adults trynna tell 'em I'm not a bad kid/
I promise I'm honest, & never selfish/
'Rything I dealt with has got me helpless/
Now I, ate the bate that had nothin' but hate/
Wish I could, take mistakes & just fix 'em wit tape/
I've always done it, always the suspect/
Cus these judges, you know they hold ma grudges/
Tried to follow the clearest yellow brick road/
Dead-ends again & again each way I tried to go/
Either way, I'm definitely feelin' my melody/
Therefore, I gotta pour this out endlessly/
Keep grippin' the friction between my music & I/
Feelin this lyricist who provides real rhymes/

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Sit & think bout my trial awhile/
You couldnt walk a mile thru my lifestyle/
Who to confide the lies that I hide?/
You kno how many times that I have tried?/
My fine shine within has been dimmed/
I don't regret the fact that I have sinned/
Just like me, you've done so as well/
But I've gotten up each time that I have fell/
Never shooked, made me who I am today/
I'ma pray till I'm days from not bein' away/
I don't even wanna detect what is next/
Just trynna fix whatever it is I wrecked/
Nevertheless, clearly feelin' the symphony/
The real deal, don't write nothin' phoney/
Take my pain, lemme kno when you're feelin' it/
Focus on the chorus, sing it if you feelin' this/

[Chorus x3]